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FX was founded in 2003 to give businesses and consumers a solution to easily make delicious frappes and smoothies for less than $1.00 Our solution was to introduce ’s signature frappe and smoothie mixes that are lactose free, trans fat free, cholesterol free and gluten free. The frappe and smoothie mixes go perfectly with any assortment of flavors to create delicious, custom smoothies and frappes. We have also provided popular frappe and smoothie recipes for those who want to make smoothies without the adventure of inventing your own.The frappe and smoothie mix has provided coffee professionals and food service organizations a solution to make smoothies their customers will love for an affordable price. As a cost effective alternative to our competitors your company can benefit from increased profits by using the frappe and smoothie mix to make your frozen beverages. You can rest assured that you are still selling a great product because there is absolutely no sacrifice in flavor when you make smoothies using ’s frappe and smoothie mix. If you treat your customers to a thick and creamy frozen beverage made with our frappe and smoothie mix they will reward you with their loyalty.

Frozen X-plosion has provided our wholesale customers with business marketing materials to ensure your customers know that your frozen beverages are made using the best frappe and smoothie mix on the market. You can find the POS and marketing material on our website. Through this interface we have made it easy for you to upload your business’ logo to be included on a promotional piece for any of our smoothies. With ’s frappe and smoothie mix your business will be able to provide customers with frozen beverages they’ll love without sacrificing profitability.

Frozen X-plosion can also be the perfect solution for those wanting to treat their taste buds to a delicious frappe or smoothie without leaving home. With nothing more than a smoothie blender, your choice of flavors and the frappe and smoothie mix as the key ingredient you can easily create flavorful iced blended beverages in your kitchen. Whether you want to follow the frappe and smoothie recipes we have provided or create your own with the frappe and smoothie mix as your base you are sure to make smoothies that are smooth, creamy and that accentuate your favorite flavors.

We currently feature the frappe and smoothie mix, smoothie flavoring and smoothie blenders in eight countries including: the United States Mexico, New Zealand, Japan, Saudi Arabia and South Africa. Our goal is to provide delicious, easy-to-make frappes and smoothies to coffee professionals, food service organizations and individuals who want to make smoothies from the comfort of their own home.

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