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Everything You need for exquisite smoothies
Fruit Concentrates, No-Sugar Added Fruit Puree's + our Dairy & Gluten Free Bases. Choose from Original or GMO-Free.
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Need ideas for recipes? We've got you covered!
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Are you a restaurant or bar looking to expand beverage options and increase sales? You've come to the right place!
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“We have tasted just about every other product out there and this is by far the best powder available.”
~Espresso Americano; Everett,WA


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Our Base

Thoughtfully Chosen, Hand-Sourced & High-Quality Ingredients. 

Frozen Xplosion has masterfully developed a base for your creation of ice blended drinks, smoothies, slushies, frozen highballs and soft serve ice cream. You’ll find no other base that blends as quickly, imparts a neutral flavor, holds as long and tastes as creamy as Frozen Xplosion.

Instead of purchasing expensive pre-flavored products that make single flavored drinks (exactly like your competitor), with Frozen Xplosion you’ll have the everybase that transforms into any creation desired, limited only by your imagination! Show the strengths of your brand and differentiate yourself from the competition!

We use just eleven ingredients in our signature Original and it comes free of gluten, transfats, hydrogenated oils and cholesterol. And it’s Kosher Certified to boot!

With our Natural version, you’ll enjoy a GMO-free base, along with no artificial colors or preservatives.

You will love the simplicity and versatility of our unique bases, while your customers will love the flavor and quality ingredients. Go ahead, start creating your own signature drinks with the yeti inside!


What Makes us Different

We know you have choices when it comes to selecting the right company and this is why Frozen Xplosion is consistently chosen by coffeeshops across the country


Starter Kits


Ready to make your Investment in Frozen Xplosion? We’ll help you transform 2 sq feet into profits! 

 Starter Kits



Need to reorder or just looking to purchase individual products?


Watch Us Make It!

Making Frozen Xplosion is easy and fast! After just a few creations, your baristas will be confident in their smoothie and frappe making skills. Better yet, the process takes just 30 to 60 seconds per drink!