Offering all the iced blended beverages your customers could dream of ?

Are you making a full line of custom iced blended drinks?
If not, you should be taking advantage of one of the largest free online drink recipe books available! OURS!

Our recipes will give you the freedom to make nearly any frozen beverage – Coffee, Fruit, and Bar recipes are all included! Your customers will love these recipes and will be sure to come back!

…Here’s one!

Spiced Mocha Java

• Step 1 – Add Frozen X-plosion. Add 1/3 cup (3 ounces) of Frozen X- plosion

• Step 2 –
Add Liquid. 4 ounces Cold Coffee, 2 ounces Chocolate Syrup and 1 ounce Cinnamon Syrup

• Step 3 –
Add Ice and Blend. Take the 16oz cup and fill with ice. Add the ice to the blender and Blend!

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