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FX EnhancedFrozen Xplosion is the world’s fastest growing frappe and smoothie company and for good reason. The frappe and smoothie base mix is the key ingredient in delicious, custom frappes and smoothies. Our powder frappe and smoothie mix is delicious, shelf stable and offered in an all-natural version. Best of all, our frappe and smoothie mix is easy to use! We don’t limit your creativity by only offering the typical smoothie flavors to go with our base mixe. Instead we offer an array of flavors and encourage you to invent your own. Whether you want to make mocha frappes or real fruit smoothies we have the flavors and smoothie recipes for you. We provide you with recipes for fruit smoothies, but don’t feel restricted to follow our suggestions on how to make a smoothie. We recommend experimenting with the base smoothie mix and blenders to create your own custom smoothie recipes.

Frozen Xplosion gives you the convenience of only having to keep one frappe and smoothie base in your inventory. Having one frappe and smoothie mix that works with every flavor combination will save you money and shelf space. You will find this as a contrast to our competitors who will try and sell you dozens of shelf hogging frappe and smoothie mixes. Frozen Xplosion offers only one frappe and smoothie mix that does it all!

The frappe and smoothie mixes are not only a treat for your taste buds, but also good for your body. Our frappe and smoothie mixes are lactose free, trans fat free, cholesterol free and gluten free. We also offer a natural frappe and smoothie mix that is made with no artificial flavoring. Our frappe and smoothie mixes are shelf stable for up to two years when stored in a cool, dry place. Whether you are a business owner looking to make a profit, or a frappe and smoothie enthusiast looking for the best quality smoothies Frozen Xplosion provides you with the frappe and smoothie mixes, smoothie blenders and smoothie recipes you will need at an inexpensive price.

The frappe and smoothie mix can be more profitable for your business now than ever before. Frappes and smoothies are now accounting for up to 40% of sales at coffee houses. With the wide selection of frappe and fruit smoothie recipes offered by your business you will have the variety necessary to entice customers to return. With Frozen Xplosion’s smoothie mix you have the complete freedom to make smoothies that your customers request. FX provides everything you need to make your own signature smoothies from the smoothie mix to the smoothie maker. With these tools you can easily invent your own frappe and smoothie recipes.

flavorsMany frappe and smoothie mixes you’re currently using are made with artificial flavors and have a gross, chalky taste. Frozen Xplosion offers you and your customers a solution to get the blender smoothies and frappes you have desired thanks to the smooth and sweet flavor Frozen Xplosion’s base mix. Our frappe and smoothie mix blends perfectly with absolutely anything to let you create whatever frappe or smoothie recipe you can imagine. You are sure to have a smooth and creamy frappe or smoothie using no matter what flavors you use!

Does your business currently offer a worthy mocha frappe? If not, you are missing out on what could be a major portion of your revenue. Mocha frappe is a staple at coffee houses and espresso stands. This is a beverage your business needs to get right in order to ensure that your mocha frappe encourages customers to come back for more. A quality mocha frappe is dependent on what ingredients you choose to use in your frappe recipes. The coffee you choose makes a difference, but so does the frappe base you use. With Frozen Xplosion’s frappe and smoothie mix you can make custom frappes that will always have a smooth and sweet frappe flavor. Don’t risk using a frappe base that will leave your frappes with a bitter, chalky taste. Treat your customers with Frozen Xplosion’s smoothie and frappe base in their mocha frappes and they’ll thank you with their business.

Frozen Xplosion’s frappe and smoothie mix is the perfect solution for businesses wanting to provide their customers with a higher quality frappe or smoothie. FX is also perfect for the end consumer who just wants to enjoy professional quality smoothies from the comfort of their own home. With the frappe and smoothie mix, a frappe or smoothie recipe and a smoothie blender anyone can easily create delicious, custom blender smoothies and frappes. Whether you are a barista, restaurant owner, smoothie stand operator or just someone who wants to enjoy a delicious smoothie from home… Frozen Xplosion has the smoothie mixes, smoothie recipes and smoothie blenders you will need.

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