“I Have A $165/Month Frappe Habit”

“I have a $165 a month frappe habit. I am almost to the point of mainlining espresso directly into my veins!” says Judy Williams of Upland, CA. If you enjoy Frappuccinos as much as I do, you’ll love a delicious (it actually tastes better than Starbucks) powdered Frappuccino mix that will save you a lot of $$$$$$.

When I discovered that I could buy a powdered Frappuccino mix from
online, it was a big relief on my pocketbook. Now I make my own drinks at home for a fraction of the cost.  This is the same mix that our local espresso shop uses for a variety of their drinks.

I found so many recipes on the website along with instructions for making each one. Frozen Xplosion is the best tasting and most versatile base for Blended Ice Coffee and Smoothie Base Mix on the market. Whether you’re blending Frappuccinos, Mocha Frappes or Smoothies, our vanilla powder will cover all your base mix needs.

How to buy online:
Lets you buy your way. Buy Online, No shipping costs on case orders and above.
Go to https://frozenxplosion.com
2 PACK $30.00
4 PACK $60.00
12 PACK $123.75 (Sale)

Benefits Of: Lower pricing, One base does it all, better tasting, free recipe book.


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