Avocado, Chocolate and Frozen X-Plosion : New Signature Smoothie Drink for Indonesia

Indonesian Smoothies
Frozen Xplosion is a favorite frappe and smoothie base around the world. One of FX’s winning factors is that it gives full control to those using it. Whether you are a barista, restaurant owner, smoothie stand operator, or just enjoying a delicious smoothie from home; YOU decide what you will blend with. It is always interesting and exciting to see what our customers are creating with our smoothie base.

Recently, we’ve done quite a bit of development in the Indonesian market and this last week we worked with them to find something they really like! It may not be everyone’s first choice in a smoothie, but we recommend you try it.

Frozen Xplosion, avocados, and chocolote have created a delicious frappe, something new for the palate.

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