Frozen X-plosion has many fans because of our overall low cost while maintaining excellent flavor and quality.  Here is a small sample of the many testimonials we receive on a daily basis!

Blended drinks 10I Burk, National Organic Coffee

“Frozen X-plosion has been a huge asset to the package we offer to universities. Their formula tastes great and allows for maximum flexibility at each location. This flexibility opens up a wide variety of high-ticket drinks our clients can offer without increasing their cost.”

J Arnold, Duncan Coffee

“Our customers love the product. It is very flexible and can be used to make all kinds of drinks. It has been a great addition to our line of products so that we are now able to meet all of customers, requests. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in this line of drinks.”

K Jansma, Global Cafe

“It is highly versatile and allows us to experiment with many different drinks. We highly recommend to anyone who may be in the market. Just be sure you order enough, we are out already!”

B Turner, Batdorf, Bronson Coffee Roasters

“Frozen Xplosion has better ingredients, and a less artificial and more natural subtle sweet flavor. Everyone involved preferred Frozen Xplosion to the product we were using.”

A Austin, Espresso Americano

“We have tasted just about every other product out there and this is by far the best powder base available. We are proud to serve Frozen X-plosion in both of our shops as our signature blended drink. These drinks are simple to prepare and it is just about impossible to prepare a “bad” drink. The possibilities are endless as far as flavors go.”

D Hughes, Mad Hatter Coffee

“It is so much fun to work with. I’m getting everyone hooked on a King Banana Split Frappe! The truckers love it!”


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