Frequently Asked Questions

I own a distribution company, can I get in on this?

What are the nutritional facts on each Frozen X-plosion product?

I have a Granita Machine; will Frozen X-plosion smoothie bases work with it?

Can I mix Frozen X-plosion smoothie base in its neutral form and stir in flavors later?

I am the manager at a resort; can the blender program work for me?

I like to experiment with my drink making skills; can I customize a Frozen X-plosion smoothie?

I am a mobile caterer that does a lot of fairs and festivals; is the blender program right for me?

I already have a blended drink program; why should I switch to Frozen X-plosion?

I have no drink making experience and no equipment; is the blender program right for me?

I am the beverage manager for a Casino and I have to keep my drink cost low. Does Frozen X-plosion meet my goal?

Can any foodservice business put the blender program to work?

Do I want to offer Frozen X-plosion in my business?

Can I offer multiple flavored drinks?

I own a bar, is Frozen X-plosion valuable to me?

Can my group or organization use the Frozen X-plosion blender program as a fundraiser?

I am lactose intolerant; can I use Frozen X-plosion products?

I have heard a lot in the news about trans-fats; are Frozen X-plosion products trans-fat free?

I own a health club; do Frozen X-plosion products offer me a benefit?

I own a small restaurant; can Frozen X-plosion add value to my business?

I own an ice cream shop; can the Frozen X-plosion blender program add value to it?

I already have a Soft-Serve Machine or am planning on getting one. How can Frozen X-plosion fit me?

What is the difference between Natural Frozen X-plosion and the Original Frozen X-plosion?

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I own a candy store; can the Frozen X-plosion blender program increase my sales?

How Does Frozen X-plosion smoothie prices compare to the competition?

How does Frozen X-plosion’s ingredients compare to the competition?

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