Jeff Ericson became the “outsourced innovation” for various large multi-national food service companies, meeting with CEOs and working with corporate chefs to create delicious and highly profitable blended drink concepts. These frappes & smoothies were a huge success in the market, and Jeff became known as the “willy-wonka” of the sweet & creamy industry.



Jeff went off on his own, and began opening coffee shops and retail locations, but soon became frustrated. Customers dramatically slowed down after the morning rush and that hurt his sales. Also the low industry profit margins made it difficult to survive. Being the expert of the sweet and creamy industry, he went to work innovating something that would solve those issues and more. Out of the Willy Wonka hat came the neutral smoothie & frappe base mix.



Due to the smoothie base’s huge success in solving food service problems, Jeff introduce it to the market as Frozen X-plosion. The base mix solved many issues besides being a high-selling afternoon item. First, being shelf stable for two years, it could be easily stored without taking up fridge space.  Second, the one base allowed anyone to create endless different signature drinks using only their creativity and the ingredients at hand without buying or stocking many flavors. The by-product was that two side-by-side coffee shops could differentiate with completely different drinks, yet use the same base.


The final reason was the high profits the base provided. Jeff passed on his low cost of goods that he achieved to other business customers. They could now make a frozen drink under a $1.00 combined expense and turnaround to sell it for $4.50, effectively giving them over 75% profit margin on each drink sold. With margins being very tight in food service, people were thrilled to see their take home profits double. Frozen X-plosion became a success.



By 2014 Frozen X-plosion was distributed to over 40 countries. It predictably became a huge international success – FX was ideal for overseas transportation. It was easily transportable, shelf stable, and required no milk. It could be used to make soft-serve ice cream, premium slushies, or blended frappes & smoothies, depending on the customer price point required. But the main reason was that various ethnicities could create their own signature drink based upon their taste profile. India could create frozen drinks with spices, South Americans added avocados, and asian countries created bubble tea & port wine soft-serve ice cream. They all created their own brand of local signature frozen drinks. 


To Date

Frozen X-plosion took a harder direction towards preaching social entrepreneurism, towards giving people business opportunities, or extra profits. FX allows high school students, unskilled employees on minimum wage, the unemployed, and people fundraising to start a business with minimal startup costs. It offers people an opportunity to learn critical business skills and earn money. With current owners and managers of food service it offers them an opportunity to double their profits with this one menu item addition. 
Currently, we are offering an FX system of licensing, and directly partnering with anyone who wants to take our versatile base to other countries. Contact us for more information. 

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