In The New Economy, We’re Making Frappuccinos At Home With Frozen X-Plosion Drink Powder

I’ve started using more Frozen Xplosion at home now since I was laid off a few months ago. The Barista at the resort where I was working had been teaching me how to make my own Frappuccino drinks just before I left there, and I found that I can buy the smoothie base mix online now so I don’t have to get it through a retailer.  It’s important for us to stretch our budget now that I’m not working.

 My friends were impressed when I shared some of my favorite blended bar drinks that were suggested by the company’s web page.  We’ve made blended ice coffees, mocha frappes, frappuccinos, and bar drinks. We often met for lunch, but now that a couple of us are unemployed, we meet at least once a week for “happy hour” at my place. It’s a good way to network and stay in touch with people we care about.  Everyone contributes their favorite beverage (vodka, kahlua, rum, etc.) and we create our own entertainment by coming up with new specialty drinks.  We need a few laughs in such tough times and we don’t have to give up our daily frappuccino habit.

Frozen Xplosion is the best tasting, best priced and most versatile base for Blended Ice Coffee, Smoothie Based Mix, Coffee smoothies, of any drink mixes on the market. Whether you’re blending Frappuccinos, Mocha Frappes or Smoothies, our vanilla powder will cover all your base mix needs.

How to buy online:
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2 PACK $30.00
4 PACK $60.00
12 PACK $123.75 (Sale)

Benefits Of: Lower pricing, One base does it all, better tasting, free recipe book.

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