Teen Home Parties Start With Frozen X-Plosion To Save Money On Frappuccinos.

My daughter, (a high school sophomore) being the social bug that she is, began to hang out at the local coffee shop with her friends after school. When I found out they were spending their lunch money there, I had to find a better way!  The “lunch” consisted of a Frappuccino and maybe a muffin or cookie.  Very expensive and lacking in nutrition.

We started a lesson in economics at home and learned to make our own frozen drinks for a cost of about .40 to .60 cents apiece. Frozen Xplosion makes a great powdered base for blended ice coffees, Frappuccinos and smoothies that is used to make frozen coffee drinks and smoothies.  (We even think that they taste better than the coffee shop drinks). Frozen Xplosion even has video instructions and recipes for the drinks online and you can order the drink mix in home-sized quantities now.

We’re planning a teen party during the school break for the holidays.  My daughter and friends plan to serve a few holiday drinks that they invented using FX, some candy canes and sprinkles etc.  I think they’re being very creative and enjoying the process while saving lots of cash.  We’re all having a jolly time with this!

Frozen Xplosion is the best tasting, best priced and most versatile base for Blended Ice Coffees, Smoothie Based Mixes, Coffee smoothies, or just about any drink mixes on the market. Whether you’re blending Frappuccinos, Mocha Frappes or Smoothies, our vanilla powder will cover all your base mix needs.

How to buy online:
Lets you buy your way. Buy Online, No shipping costs on case orders and above.
Go to https://frozenxplosion.com
2 PACK $30.00
4 PACK $60.00
12 PACK $123.75 (Sale)

Benefits Of: Lower pricing, One base does it all, better tasting, free recipe book.



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